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How do I get rid of excess glue?

[ANSWERED by a business manager on behalf of NBA...]
Assuming this has not been asked by a "client of a salon" but by people who are attempting to become a lash technician, my answer is simple - go and get trained to become a QUALIFIED lash technician and take the time to learn your new trade so that you do not put your customers at risk. This is going to cost you a few hundred pounds plus a good six months work, and that is if you are a naturally patient person with good hand eye coordination. Remember to take out insurance once you are qualified - you cannot do it before. You will need a few good friends who are happy to let you practise on them at your expense, so be prepared to pay for the products and the tools as part of your start up plan as you will need a few hundred pounds more just to get you started. If, and it is a big IF, in today's market you manage to make it through the first six months with little or no profit, you will still need to build a reputation for quality when you will be surrounded by all of those who asked the question - how do I get rid of excess glue...?
(See other answers below about using a qualified technician at a salon.)
How do I clean my 3D Lashes?

I must assume that this question is being asked by someone who has told their lash technician that they want extra long lashes AND they intend to use mascara.
The straight forward advice is that lash extensions are NOT designed for mascara and any attempt to try and clean them once it has been applied will only result in failure of the lashes. The glue that fixes the lashes wil be broken down and the end result will be nothing but a mess. The whole point about 3D lashes is the fabulous NATURAL look they create when applied properly. If you really want PARTY lashes then why not apply one night lashes that you can throw away tomorrow - much cheaper in both cost (but looks as well).
What is the average time that acrylic nails last?

Your nails grow at varying rates throughout the year depending to some extent on the amount of sunshine you are exposed to. Think of your hair. How often does it need cutting? Nails are hair and there is a direct relation between the two.
Your nails will grow leaving a space at the base that will need an in fill when it becomes to big. This tends to happen somewhere between two and four weeks depending on the individual.
The cost of infills is less than a new set so call for your appointment when you feel happy that you have the money to hand.
Can you fix nails that have been bitten to the quick?

Yes is the direct answer but it will take some time, patience, and a strong will on your part if it is going to be successful.
I have several clients who have gone through the planned process and come out the other side with fantastic natural nails that they now only polish themselves. I have others who have tried and tried and still bitten through the acrylic tips even though thety are four to six times stronger than your own nails, and taste horrible.
My recomendation is to commit to a minimum six week programme (paid for upfront to make sure you use it - with no refund). Each "week" (appointment) you get one visit to build and repair your nails. If the growth rate is minimal you still get six appointments to allow a reasonable base to grow on which a full set of nails can be created.
Once this point has been reached what you do with them is up to you.
For more information just call for a free assessment of your nails so that I can estimate how long you will need for your treatment programme.
How do I fit individual lashes to my own eyes - do I really need to go to a salon?

I have seen a couple of "HOW type" websites that seem to suggest you can easliy put individual lashes on yourself. More worrying is that it would appear these sites are suggesting that our younger ladies (teenagers) can do this without risk.
Please please please keep in mind that you will be using a GLUE - that you may not understand its content - [they can be harmful if purchased from an unknown source]- right next to your eye. You will be working with one eye shut - a really great way to be sure you are accurate about where you are putting the glue, and you will have no way of recovering the situation if you make a mistake.
We spend a great deal of time in training, we use only the safest and best products, the company has spent years making sure the products are safe and available to trade buyers who have been trained. We cover all angles of health and safety to ensure you are comfortable and you are not open to risk. We test your skin for allergies and we understand your lifestyle. We recomend when and how you manage your lashes and provide a backup service. It takes time for us to make sure your eyes look great and it is this and our expertise and backup that you are paying for.
I am trying to keep prices down for the summer - so if you want to try lashes for the first time - give me a call and I will make you an offer you cannot refuse.

Do your nails still grow if you have fake ones on the top?

The simple answer is YES.
Your nails are really the same as your hair - if you wear a hat does your hair stop growing? Of course not. That is why if you have badly bitten nails, nail extensions can be a really good way to recover your own nails. The extensions are kept really short to stop you biting, and they protect your own nails whilst they grow.
If you have bitten nails and would like to stop - contact me and I can offer you a treatment package.
After improper removal of acrylics, can I get a new set over the damaged nail?
This is a question that requires a fully trained nail technician to see what "Damage" has been done during the "improper" removal. I can make repairs to most situtations where the nail bed remains intact - but where the nail is too thin (normally caused by the improper use of an electric drill), or it causes you pain, I need to understand the damage before recomending a course of action.
As a technician I come across an amazing array of damage that people have done to their own nails, or even worse where they have trusted an "untrained/ unskilled person to work on their nails and lashes resulting in severe damage.
Your nails rely on a secure contact with the nail bed underneath the nail - cause this to seperate and your are damming the nail to a nasty end.
(Your lashes are the same - keep on pulling and they might not regenerate.)[see below for more answers]
Always use a fully trained and experienced technician - then you can be sure you will not have any significant problems.
3D Lashes - why do they pull your own lashes out?

The answer is straightforward - they do not pull your own lashes out.
Your own lashes fall out naturally on a cycle at around 6 to 8 weeks over 3 months - this will differ for individuals.
If your own lashes come out with 3D lashes it is for this reason- or because you are pulling them out yourself by "playing" with them. In most cases people tend to SEE lashes falling out because they are clearer to the eye when 3 D lashes are attached.This is just part of the normal growth cycle and nothing to worry about. [see below for more answers]
Can you prevent acrylic from ruining your natural nails?

Another quite common question but one that needs an answer.
There is no reason why acrylic nails should damage "your own nails". Your own nails continue to grow underneath the extensions. It is true that if you remove acrylic extensions after you have had them for a long time, your own nails will feel a little "soft". This is quite natural and will correct itself after a few days. What happens to your skin when you have worn a plaster for a couple of days - do the wrinkles stay?
The "feeling that your own nails are being damaged, or are actually damaged, may be due to cleanliness within your own hands. By cleanliness I mean - do you work with chemicals or good old plain dirt (mud or some other) on a regular basis?
If you do then extensions may not be for you.
Before you have extensins fitted - do you thoroughly clean your hands? Does your nail tech work in a clean environment?
If you are unsure about any of these - why not talk to your nail tech to make sure you understand what is happening and why. [see below for more answers]
How can I remove my lashes without going back to the salon?

Answer a question with a question - or even two...
Why do you want to remove your lashes?
Why do you want to do this yourself?
These questions would lead me to believe that you are having trouble with your lashes and perhaps you don't trust your salon, or you feel they will charge you too much to take them off.
There are too many variables to answer this question easily. Either speak to your salon who know you and your lashes or call me and I will see if I can offer some advice once I understand the problem. Removing lashes properly does take time and it is only fair that your salon is able to charge for this service.
The basic answer will remain - please do not try and pull the lashes off as you will pull your own lashes out with them. Your own lashes replace themselves unless you are a "fiddler" constantly pulling at your extensions. Eventually your own lashes respond by getting weaker. [see below for more answers]
Can nail extensions be dangerous on top of bitten nails?

This is a fairly strightforward answer - there is no reason why any recognised UK nail extensions should be considered dangerous. Many of the worst nails I have been asked to fix have been nails bitten down to the quick, literally only the smallest amount of nail left. It takes time to build up natural nail again so your nails are not going to look long overnight, but in a few weeks your own nails have grown back underneath and you can take it from there. I have a program me for nail biters - if you want to know more just ask. [see below for more answers]
Which is better - 3D individual lashes or strip lashes?

The answer to this is all about how long do you need them to last and what effect do you want to achieve. If you are going out to a party where the look you want to achieve is very heavy lashes full on, and once the party is over you are ready to go back to a more natural look then go for strip lashes. You can fit these yourself and they fit over your own lashes rather than on to your own.
Now you can see that if you want lashes that look natural and full without being overbearing or showy, just beautiful and long, then 3D individual lashes are for you. They will take about an hour to put on but will only come out with your own lashes which fallout on average every four to six weeks.
Can I "double up" on 3D lashes?

Yes is the straightforward answer. There are various ways this can be achieved but it is best that you talk to me about what look you want to achieve before we start so that I can assess the strength of your own lashes, how many natural lashes you already have (we are all different) and we can discuss the extra time and cost as you are paying for the number of lashes you have fitted and the time to fit them.
I would also stress that if you have weak lashes to start with then it is possible that the extra weight will cause you to lose these faster than the normal four to six weeks although I cannot tell in advance.
What can I do and what can't I do with 3D lashes?

Lash extensions are no different to your own lashes it's just that if you start rubbing your eyes when you wake up in the morning you will exagerate the number of lashes you lose naturally.
Swimming is not a problem either, it's what you do to your eyes when you come out of the water that counts. Excessive rubbing because you have water in your eyes, with or without chlorine, will still cause you to lose those lashes that are ready to shed naturally.
The biggest challenge we all face is the customer who is a natural fiddler or scratcher - there is nothing we can do to stop you pulling your own lashes out - this is not good for you or your eyes and if you do this, I would not recomend that you have eye lash extensions.
There is nothing in the lashes or the glue I use which will cause you to scratch or rub your eyes. If you are naturally allergic to things such as grass pollen, then at this time of year you should continue to take allergy tablets. Please do not feel the need to blame your lash extensions. As time progresses you will not even know you are wearing them. [see below for more answers]
Pricing Questions:

I often get asked - how much is a set of nails or eye lashes?
As so many challenges face nail technicians this is a difficult question to be specific about. The normal range of pricing for a full set of nails is between £32 and £35 and this accounts for the time taken to prepare and finish a full set of acrylic nails using only the best materials. For those with "challenging nails" (e.g.bitten to the quick) it can take longer and hence it may cost more for the first three or four sessions until your own nails repair themselves underneath the extensions. The only way to be sure is to call me to discuss your needs and there is no obligation to buy - I only want what is best for you as you will be my advert when you leave with your new set of nails or lashes. I see more and more new salons using electric drills to keep the time element down so they can charge £20 or so - please beware- only very experienced technicians should use drills, they have been trained and understand the damage a drill can cause if they get down to your own nail.
Eye lashes are similar. No two women have the same amount of natural eye lashes, and as extensions are fitted to your own lashes, the number that can be fitted will vary. The more you have the greater the cost but the better the look. For those with few natural lashes, ask me if it might be possible to "double up" on your existing lashes.
If you own lashes are strong enough this might be possible.
The quality of the lashes are equally as important, as is the glue used to fix them, and I only use the best non allergenic materials.
Allergies are funny things, some people have them all the time, some grow into them and some out of them. They are not always apparent. If you think you might be sensitive to certain things ask me for a patch test first.
Whilst salon lashes are normally around £70 to £80 for the first set with top ups at around £45 depending on the number required. I have reduced prices for this SUMMER based on a great deal I have managed to secure from suppliers.
I understand that families are still suffering cashflow problems- I have decided to keep my prices artificially low for this summer.
Lash Extensions now start at £45 for a full set and from £25 for a top up set.
Ask me for a "trial set" if you want to see what they look like. I will quote you this weeks price when you call.
So many people I know only decide on price.
This is understandable if cash is short, but there are many advantages to paying for experience and quality which will repay you in the long term.
Please remember that my lashes are exactly the same as the high quality salon lashes you get in the best London salons. My expertise is equal to that of their technicians and my experience is probably greater than most. My prices can only be held for as long as I can negotiate supply prices and we can manage our costs.
MORE FAQ Frequently Asked Questions Nail Extensions:

Can I wear acrylic nails for as long as I want to?

This is a common question heard in our industry. Acrylic nail extensions are not “fake nails”; fake nails are the cheap plastic extensions you fit yourself.

Just as you would colour your hair and wear make up and never think about stopping, the same applies to your acrylic nail extensions.

Q - A friend of mine told me that nail extensions ruined her natural nails, is this true?

A - Acrylic extensions will NOT ruin your natural nails - untrained nail technicians and self removal with teeth or other implements will.

Q – Will my own nails stop growing?

A - ALL Acrylic systems allow your natural nail to grow underneath.

Nearly all of my clients started of with extensions, now their own nails are naturally long underneath and they have overlays. Some have reverted to their own natural nails and just have colour and nail art.

Q – I have heard that if nails don’t BREATHE they get brittle and break?

A - Nails do NOT need to "breathe" - the nail plate is porous, but does not need to "breathe" as it is made up of dead cells!

Q – Last time I “gave up” on my nail extensions, my own nails were really soft?

A - Upon removal, natural nails can feel more flexible for the first few days. This is down to two things - one, they are missing the support of the acrylic layer, and two, there can sometimes be a build up of oil on the surface of the nail plate which can soften it slightly. The effect is temporary and will only last a couple of days. It is wise to coat the nail with a strengthener for the first few days.

Q - I have had extensions in the past and they always lifted off

A – Lifting is often caused because your hands have encountered other substances such as chemicals that can effect the bond. If you regularly use chemicals in your job then acrylic nails will probably not suit your lifestyle, the same applies to avid gardeners who use their hands in the soil rather than gardening tools.


Q – I have heard that some nail extensions can be dangerous and some have been banned altogether.

A - MMA - Methyl Methacrylate - is an ingredient used in monomers in the 1970's. This was proven to cause severe allergic reactions as it was able to "seep" into the skin. The majority of manufacturers changed their monomers and now use Ethyl Methacrylate as it is classified as safe. But, there are still some salons who use MMA - referred to in the industry as NSS - Non Standard Salons! Their enhancements are usually very cheap (MMA is cheaper to buy than EMA), and are very very difficulty to remove - even with acetone. It will have a strong, almost fishy smell. It will be very difficult to file. Due to the incredible hardness of the product, there is a very real danger of losing a natural nail if you catch your enhancement. Use caution when choosing a salon - and don't be afraid to ask what products they use - be wary if they won't tell you or they don't know!


Q - Are drills safe?(electric files)

A - Yes. As with any type of machine, drills are safe when properly used by trained technicians. It is not the machine that is dangerous, it is the improper use by the operator that creates a potential for damage.
Professional electric files were designed for nails and so the shape of the bits improve the finish of enhancements as they can file neatly and cleanly around the cuticle unlike normal straight hand nail files that were designed to file the free edge not the surface of a nail.
If you feel uncomfortable about your nail technicians ability to use a drill, ask her to use an ordinary file. If at any time you feel your nails are becoming painful, say so. The technician should not be using files to reduce the natural thickness of your nails, just to prepare the surface.


Q - How do I remove acrylic nails safely?

A - It is always best to go back to your nail technician and explain the problem so that she can advise you. After removal I can shape, tidy and buff them back to a high shine for you.


MORE Frequently Asked Questions - 3D Eye Lash Extensions:


  What are 3d Lash Extensions?

  3D Lash Extensions are an exciting and innovative new product for thicker, longer and natural looking eyelashes.
  Why buy A H Francis Lash Extensions?

  A H Francis are experts in the eyelashes business.

  They have access to top chemists who have been working on creating these products for 25years.

  Their top business values are quality and integrity.

  All products purchased from Annie will always be tried and tested,

  because AH Francis are passionate about offering the highest quality training, products and business support anywhere in the UK

  AND...You will always receive a speedy friendly service from Annie.
  What is the difference between 3d lashes and traditional false lashes?

  Designed to thicken and lengthen the client’s natural eyelashes, 3d Lash Extensions are nothing like “traditional false lashes” which are produced in clumps of about 5 or 6 and are stuck to the client’s eyelashes with self-adhesive and last a couple of days.

  3D Lash Extensions are individual and last up to 2 months depending on the life cycle of the client’s natural lashes, which on average is 90 days. Made to be identical to natural lashes the 3d lash base is flat and the lash tip is fine and polished, just like real lashes.

  Via a state-of-the-art technique ‘one’ 3d Lash Extension s applied directly to your own lash and repeated until you have a full set of 3d Lash Extensions creating the illusion of fuller, thicker more defined lashes.

  Is there a maintenance program?

  Like your nails and the hair on your head, your individual eyelashes grow out on a continuous cycle of replenishment. The average cycle is about 90 days.


  While some individual eyelash extensions may last as long as 2 months, to ideally maintain the thickness and fullness and for best results, we recommend you to top up about every 2–3 weeks. The cost of this again depends on the factors listed above.


  Remember the number of lash extensions that can be applied will be limited to the number of available natural lashes.

  How does the A H Francis 3d Lashes training compare to other companies?

  The common mistake made by other companies is over simplifying the technique and allowing people to train as a lash technician via a DVD or online training. Poor product knowledge and little or no hands on experience can result in the lash technician sticking too many lashes together and the client then ends up with the illusion of less lashes not more.

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